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“My name is Nick and I am a current patient at Van Ness Chiropractic. I am also a current member of the U.S. Powerlifting team. In 2012, I was training for the World Championships and had a training accident. 535 lbs. was dropped on me while bench pressing. I didn’t realize the significance of the injury and went to Dr. Van Ness for treatment. I did begin to feel relief, but I knew that something wasn’t right. Dr. Van Ness encouraged me to get a MRI, which revealed torn tendons and muscle. In August 2012, I had surgery and within 3 days started post-surgical rehabilitation. The rehab was intense to say the least, but I was determined and not willing to accept being a mere mortal!! As my rehab continued, I once again started chiropractic treatments and massage therapy to helping my recovery. I did everything Dr. Van Ness instructed me to do and within 1 year I competed at the National Championships and took first place with a 523 lb. bench press! Since then I have increased my training and continued with chiropractic and massage treatments. I am currently training for the World Championships in Portugal and targeting a 600 lb. bench press, which will be a world record! By the way, I’m 52 years old and weigh 185 lbs. Thanks Dr. Van Ness! You and your team are the best!”

-Nick Marinis 6X World Benchpress Champion, 4X World Record Holder

VanNess Chiropractor - Barrington Chiropractor Dr. Jason Van Ness with one of his clients

“My husband and I cannot say enough about Dr. Van Ness and his staff with their professionalism and expertise in wellness and chiropractic care. We have found incredible benefits having regular chiropractic adjustments which enable us to golf, take care of our horses, and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. We truly want to thank Van Ness Chiropractic for being such a wonderful part of our lives.”

-Stacey and Dennis B., Barrington Hills, IL

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“Working with Dr. Van Ness has not only improved my own personal health and wellness, but also opened my eyes to the emerging field of chiropractic medicine. When I first stepped into Dr. Van Ness’s office, I was suffering from a multitude of chronic injuries that I had tried to remedy for years on my own, but had little success. With the holistic and preventative approach to healthcare offered by Dr. Van Ness and his colleagues, I quickly saw drastic improvements and became fascinated with the methodology behind the treatment I was receiving. I would like to help others the way that Dr. Van Ness has helped me, which is why I am pursuing my degree in chiropractic medicine starting in the Fall of 2015.”

-Will Adams, Barrington, IL

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“We feel very blessed to call the magnificent Sears Centre home and have Dr. Van Ness as our team chiropractor. Dr. Van Ness has assessed each of our player’s functional movement capabilities and understands their individual deficiencies. He is using the knowledge and experience of his many years in practice to keep them all well-adjusted and performing at their best every single day. Truly a huge asset to our program. Thank You Dr. Van Ness!”

-Brad Stoffers, Head Coach
Chicago Cougars Hockey

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