10 Most Common Questions about Chiropractic Care

10 Most Common Questions about Chiropractic Care

No matter where you are in your chiropractic experience, you may still have some questions about chiropractic care. Perhaps you are wondering about children receiving chiropractic care, or maybe you’re curious to know what you can do outside of the chiropractor’s office to help reduce the risk of injury and maintain bone and joint health. We’ll go through ten very common questions we hear at Van Ness Chiropractic and respond with the professional advice you deserve. Here’s 10 of the most common questions about chiropractic care:

1. When should I start going to the chiropractor?

There’s no better time than the present. Getting started now on a regular schedule of chiropractic care will enable you to not only feel your best, but you will perform at your best as well.

2. Should I schedule chiropractor visits for my children?

Yes. In fact, you may remember from a previous blog that chiropractic care can help with a variety of issues, including enhancing the immune response to help with seasonal allergies. Chiropractic care is safe for children and has been shown to reduce the symptoms of nerve interference that can be related to ear infections, constipation, asthma, colic and much more.

3. How often should I schedule appointments for myself?

It depends on whether you’re visiting Van Ness Chiropractic for relief, corrective or wellness care. If you are seeking relief or corrective care, visits will be scheduled according to the severity of your condition and how long you have been suffering. Wellness care may be advised on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis depending upon the underlying health of your spine and your desired activity level.

4. What exactly do chiropractors do?

Chiropractors correct subluxations, which are misalignments of the spine or extremities that can prevent your body from functioning at its optimal level. Subluxations can occur from the physical, mental or chemical stressors that our body is exposed to on a daily basis.

5. What if I don’t go to the chiropractor?

Statistics show that the vast majority of us will suffer from back pain at some point in our lives. It is at this time that the effects of not taking care of our spine can become very evident. At Van Ness Chiropractic, we provide an integrated approach to caring for your spine, and we’re confident in making the right decisions for you, giving you the best care possible.

6. Is it normal to be worried to go?

Our integrated approach including chiropractic care and rehabilitative procedures is remarkably safe and is a much safer alternative as compared to the traditional medical route of anti-inflammatory pain medications, cortisone shots or surgical intervention.

7. How long does an appointment take?

A typical visit at Van Ness Chiropractic will take 15-30 minutes. If your visit requires therapy, x-rays, exercise instruction, acupuncture or massage therapy, your visit may last up to one hour.

8. Will I be in pain?

No. At Van Ness Chiropractic, we’re in the business of getting you out of pain and back into your own life.

9. Are there different chiropractic techniques?

Yes, there are.  At Van Ness Chiropractic, we specialize in the Gonstead Method, known as the “gold standard” for chiropractic techniques. The Gonstead Method is known for its superiority and specificity in correcting spinal problems.

The Gonstead Method specifically focuses on the health of the spinal disc. When a spinal bone becomes subluxated, the disc (shock absorber between the bones) can be compressed and bulge, thus irritating surrounding spinal nerves and negatively affecting health. The bone must be realigned for health to be restored. A specific Gonstead adjustment is the most natural, least invasive approach to correcting and improving overall health.

10. How else can I prevent injuries?

You cannot entirely prevent back injuries, as some are simply unavoidable. Try doing daily stretches before and after bed and do your best to lift properly when moving heavy objects. A chiropractor can advise you on which exercises are best for your condition and can also offer health and nutrition tips that are specific to your body.

If you haven’t yet seen a chiropractor or are searching for chiropractic care in your area, reach out to us at Van Ness Chiropractic. Our team of sports chiropractors have the knowledge and expertise to design a specific plan for you. To contact Van Ness Chiropractic or to schedule an appointment, click here or call (847) 842-8070. We look forward to helping you to become a healthier version of you!


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