Do you need chiropractic care this summer?

Do you need chiropractic care this summer?

It’s the beginning of June, and the long days and cool nights of summer stretch out ahead of us. Fun-filled days of running, hiking, gardening, waterskiing and tubing, golf, tennis and cycling are right around the corner. While all of these activities are enjoyable and memorable, they can also put extra pressure and strain on your back and body. Since your body isn’t used to all the additional activity, it doesn’t take much to get sidelined by an injury. No one wants to spend the summer with back pain (and any pain!), and that’s just one reason why you need chiropractic care this summer. At Van Ness Chiropractic, our mission is to keep you healthy and pain-free year-round – but especially during the summer. Learn more benefits of summertime chiropractic care at Van Ness Chiropractic below.

Chiropractic Care Keeps You Active

All the outdoor activity is a change to your body – even if you are physically active throughout the year. You are using your muscles in new ways, and the new fatigue you feel and stress on your body is a result. By getting regular chiropractic adjustments from Van Ness Chiropractic, you can recover more quickly from soreness and muscle fatigue and prevent future problems from materializing later.

Chiropractic Care Makes Healing Easier

Injuries happen. Injuries happen more frequently, it seems, in the summer. With all the outdoor sports and recreation that happen during the summer months, it’s no wonder! Many injuries in the summer are the result of a fall, whether off water skis, a bike or roller blades. Falls such as these injure the body as a result of impact and often cause a type of whiplash to the neck, too. Luckily, chiropractic adjustment is very effective in healing injuries from falls. Chiropractic care will help your body to recover from acute injury or strain in the case of an injury, getting you back in action and participating in all your favorite summertime activities as soon as possible.

Chiropractic Care Maintains Your Health

While chiropractic care certainly helps keep the body pain-free all summer, it also helps keep your immune system strong. Regular adjustments from Dr. Van Ness and Dr. Parkin remove interference from the nervous system and spine. When the body is free of interference and the spine is well-aligned, tissues, muscles and organs function properly and efficiently. When the nervous system runs efficiently, so does the immune system, giving your body a better chance to fend off summertime illnesses. Since a runny nose and bleary eyes can significantly dampen summer plans, make a point to receive chiropractic care all season long.

Chiropractic Care Keeps You Travel-Ready

Do you have any day trips planned? Perhaps a full day of walking around downtown Chicago, visiting the Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum? Or, maybe you’re planning to buy a season pass to Six Flags Great America this summer, and you’re gearing up for days spent walking around the amusement park and waiting in long, winding lines. What about road trips – do you plan on packing up the kids and heading out west this summer? Chiropractic care keeps your body travel-ready for all these activities. Any kind of travel – whether in the car or on your feet – can result in back pain, neck stiffness and general body soreness. Keep yourself comfortable on your feet and in the car by receiving regular chiropractic adjustments at Van Ness Chiropractic.

Dr. Van Ness and Dr. Parkin are available for appointments all summer long. For office hours and availability, click here. To set up an appointment right away, call 847-842-8070.


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