This year, we’re suggesting a new kind of resolution. We’re suggesting that you make wellness this year’s resolution. Making wellness this year’s resolution isn’t hard, but it is intentional.

Making Wellness This Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again – the time for crowded gyms, new detoxes and intentions to spend more time with family and friends. New Year’s Resolutions are nothing new, but they often follow the same pattern. We start off strong in the beginning of January, but lose motivation and focus by the end of the month.

This year, we’re suggesting a new kind of resolution. We’re suggesting that you make wellness this year’s resolution. Making wellness this year’s resolution isn’t hard, but it is intentional. Incorporating wellness into your lifestyle will look differently for every person. Some may focus on implementing healthy habits, while others may take up a new fitness regime. Our recommendation is to incorporate both. When wellness habits transition from one area of one’s life to all facets of life, wellness becomes not just a resolution, but a lifestyle. Consider including the below resolutions into your 2017 habits and commitments.

Eat more fat

Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy fat is good for you. Indulge in avocado toast, almonds tossed in cinnamon, scrambled eggs, chia seeds and extra virgin olive oil without the guilt. Healthy fats are not only linked to a longer lifespan – they taste great, too!

Start journaling

If you’ve never tried journaling before, consider this your opportunity. Journaling helps you to focus on what matters and let go of what doesn’t. It helps you to reach a state of mindfulness, while also realizing your goals, dreams and ambitions. As a bonus, journaling also helps to boost your memory and comprehension. For more benefits of journaling, click here.

Socialize sober

No, it’s not strictly necessary to have a drink in your hand at all social scenes, but it sometimes feels that way, doesn’t it? Try swapping out your gin and tonic for sparkling soda with a twist. Pick and choose the events to drink at, further empowering yourself to make choices that benefit you.

Focus on whole foods

You’ve likely already heard that processed food and soda are not good for you. They’re a quick fix in our busy American lives, but the effects are far-reaching. Luckily, the solution to this is actually a simplistic one: eat more whole foods.

Here at Van Ness Chiropractic, we like to follow the guidelines of the Whole30 diet. We suggest eating meat, seafood, eggs, tons of vegetables, some fruit and plenty of good fats (as we mentioned above). Learn more here, on our Nutrition page.

Pick a workout you enjoy

Stop suffering through 45 minutes on the elliptical if you dread every minute of it. Instead, sign up for fitness classes and exercises that get you excited and make you feel on top of the world.

If you’re not sure what fitness you enjoy, it’s time to start sampling. Never tried yoga? Give it a chance. Does CrossFit intimidate you? Don’t let that stop you from signing up for a beginner’s session.

Get more sleep

The fact is, you cannot function at peak performance without enough sleep. You’re expecting a lot from 2017, but those goals will be harder to obtain on 5 hours a night of rest. If sleep isn’t a priority right now, rearrange them – and watch for the amazing difference a good night of sleep makes.

Keep your body healthy and strong

Make 2017 the year in which you listen to your body more closely. When your body is in pain, don’t just ignore it. Instead, be proactive. Support your spine, nervous system and immune system with chiropractic care. Getting regular spinal adjustments helps to keep your body healthy and strong, especially now, during flu season.

The primary focus of chiropractic is the detection, reduction and correction of spinal misalignment (we call them “subluxations”) and nervous system dysfunction. Because Doctors Van Ness and Parkin treat more than just symptoms, they’re able to get to the cause of a health problem. Chiropractic care has helped millions of patients with a variety of health conditions, and you can be the next one. To get started with your complimentary consultation, give Van Ness Chiropractic a call at 847-842-8070.


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