Stay Illness Free This Season with Chiropractic Care – Here’s How

When we get sick, the first thing we do is lay the blame on “germs”. But, did you know that the overall state of your body contributes to your daily health, right down to getting the common cold? The nervous system must stay balanced to keep you functioning properly. While your immune system is fighting germs, your nervous system is essentially providing backup to your immune system. If your nervous system if not working effectively, neither will your immune system, which causes the body to become more prone to illness.

If you want to stay healthy this winter, take care of your spine. Since the nervous system is housed within the spine, the alignment of your spine is crucial for communication to the brain. Getting regular adjustments helps to keep open the lines of communication, so to speak. Then, when issues do arise, your body can quickly heal itself. All of this is accomplished naturally, without the use of drugs. Medicine does not cure the common cold, but simply masks or holds back your symptoms until they fade over time. While chiropractic care will not cure a cold either, a healthy spine builds up a natural resistance. It is a holistic approach to warding off the flu, the common cold and other ailments in the upcoming winter months.

A spine in good condition is one without any subluxations. Vertebral subluxations are misalignments of the vertebrae of your spine, causing the flow of nerves to be disrupted. Spinal adjustments correct subluxations and allow the nerves to once again flow as they should so that your body can return to functioning at the level it was previously.

The nervous system and the immune system work hand-in-hand to fight off illness. Increase your odds of warding off that nasty cold by maintaining your chiropractic health. The effects reach further than one might expect. Since it is impossible to avoid any and all contact with germs, other measures must be taken. As you probably already know, illness is more difficult to cure than it is to prevent in the first place. Use good chiropractic health as a defense against illness this winter by taking preventative measures. Be proactive: support and maintain your nervous system and spine with on-going wellness care. Make your wellness a priority. Your body will thank you.

Van Ness Chiropractic will keep you on your feet all winter long. We will make sure that you are comfortable in your own body, and then we will help you to establish a chiropractic care strategy that works for your lifestyle. Our goal? To exceed all of your health expectations, not just in flu season, but all year ‘round! Don’t wait any longer: make an appointment today. Call 847-842-8070 or contact us at


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