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Meet our staff:

Dr. Van Ness

Dr. Jason Van Ness

Dr. Jason Van Ness attended Iowa State University then received his doctorate of chiropractic in 1997 from Palmer College of Chiropractic. In 2004, he became certified by the International Chiropractic Association in chiropractic pediatrics. Dr. Van Ness specializes in the Gonstead Method of spinal analysis. The Gonstead method is considered the "gold standard" for chiropractic techniques because of its record of safety and effectiveness.

Dr. Van Ness has an integrated approach to spine and extremity injuries. Dr. Van Ness is joined in practice by Dr. Jeff Parkin, a rehabilitation specialist and Janice Marie Scardina, a licensed massage therapist specializing in Myofascial Release. Myofascial Release can be beneficial in improving flexibility, range of motion and removing chronic scar tissue that can impair healing. Rehabilitation helps to improve core stability, reduce soft tissue strain and promote balance in the spine and extremities.

Dr. Van Ness is married to Leanna, a critical care nurse at Good Shepherd Hospital, and has four young children, all having been adjusted since birth. Dr. Van Ness is active in the Barrington Chamber of Commerce, Barrington Park District and Illinois Chiropractic Society. He is the team chiropractor for the Barrington Redwings Hockey team and donates his time to area charities including the Barrington Relay for Life and Shriners Hospital.

Dr. Van Ness cares for patients of all ages including newborns, students, pregnant moms, working parents, and seniors. He also has extensive training in the management of sports, auto, and work injuries.

Dr. Parkin

Dr. Jeff Parkin

Hi, I'm Dr. Jeff Parkin and in addition to being a Doctor of Chiropractic with experience in treating pediatrics through geriatrics, I am currently a certified D.A.N. Practitioner - Defeat Autism Now!, and an American College of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer. I have completed Level 1 Graston technique for myofascial release, and am a certified Kinesiotape provider. I specialize in the Gonstead and Webster Techniques, rehabilitative care instruction, nutritional consultations, and internal and external presentations about nutrition.

A little about myself: Growing up I was always sick with ear infections, strep throat, mononucleosis, allergies, and digestive problems. I remember as a child being told I was sick and contagious and I could not go to school several times a year. I was on at least 6 antibiotics a year from childhood to my early twenties. It got to the point where I felt sick not being on antibiotics as my body had no immune system, it had been destroyed by medications. Drinking a bottle of Pepto Bismol was a weekly ritual for me.

My grades from elementary school through high school suffered. I was unable to pay attention in class and I did not have enough focus to finish my homework. Learning was a real struggle for me. Reaching the maximum number of sick days from school each year did not help my struggles. Health was a big issue for me. I just accepted being sick all the time and thought it was normal.

My path to chiropractic came through my son Luke. In August 2001 (19 months old) he was diagnosed as Autistic. I was told that by the age of 5 he would have to be put in a home for the rest of his life. The medical model of health care offered me no alternatives. Being told your son's life was over before it even began was emotionally devastating.

Regrettably Luke was vaccinated up to 19 months. When I had researched his vaccines they all contained thimerosal(mercury). The local pediatrician had a saying “autistic children are not born in this area”, that was his way of saying he keeps kids healthy. He was right to an extent. Children in the area were not born autistic, but they were created there.

About a year later, my parents suggested Luke see their chiropractor. After his first adjustment I noticed an immediate decrease in his hyperactivity and hypersensitivities. Soon after that I started receiving chiropractic care along with my 3 daughters. I tried many different kinds of "alternative" therapies, but chiropractic worked the best for Luke and I.

We were under chiropractic care for about two years when I decided it was time for me to become the chiropractor. Focus and learning were no longer a problem for me. All of my allergy, digestive problems, and infections were gone.

I moved my family to Houston, Texas and started at Texas Chiropractic College in the fall of 2005. After my graduation in April of 2009 I decided to move back to Illinois to be close to my family and friends.

My personal mission is to educate parents and children on how to stay healthy and live a full, active life with chiropractic wellness care.

To make an appointment or to speak with Dr. Van Ness or Dr. Parkin please call Van Ness Chiropractic at (847) 842-8070, or they can be reached via email at info@vannesschiro.com.

Janice Marie Scardina, L.M.T.

Janice Marie Scardina, L.M.T.

Janice Marie has enjoyed being a massage therapist in both Texas and the Chicagoland area for over thirteen years. She graduated from Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, Texas. She is trained in the modalities of myofascial release, deep tissue, myopractic, pregnancy and craniosacral therapy. Janice Marie is extremely interested in and encourages holistic approaches for pain management to restore balance to the body.

Appointments can be made by calling our office at
(847) 842-8070.


Janice Marie Scardina, L.M.T.

Cheryl Krismalian, L.M.T.

Cheryl graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in 2008 and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.  Her experience in deep tissue, trigger point, and myofascial release allow her to enjoy working with a wide spectrum of clients.  Helping others through massage therapy is one of Cheryl’s greatest passions and that is shown through her body of work.  She is dedicated to helping clients reach their ultimate health goals with her gift of touch and compassion. She appreciates the importance in nurturing ourselves to sustain a balanced well-being and feels blessed to be a part of the process.
Appointments can be made by calling our office at
(847) 842-8070.


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